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Oil mist eliminator with blower

oil mist eliminator with blowerUse an oil mist eliminator / oil mist separator to preserve the planet and avoid contamination of oil by aerosol. Oil mist eliminators act as filters during the operation of lubricating oil systems like rotating machines, centrifugal pumps and turbines. The rotating equipment requires an oil injection system for good lubrication of the various bearings in that equipment.

A mist eliminator must be connected to this system to avoid leaks. During the operation of these machines, the friction of the bearings will cause the temperature to rise and heats the lubricating oil that comes back into the tank. This temperature elevation causes a state change and creates an oil mist in the tank.

Without mist eliminators, the air containing oil particles would be rejected in the atmosphere. It could cause some damages on the employees and do some pollution for the planet.

When equipped with an oil mist separator, the oil mist pass through the cartridges where the coalescence operates : the oil is separated from the air. The clean air is exhausted to the atmosphere and the oil returns to the tank by gravity.



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Static oil mist separator / Breather

static oil mist eliminatorThe air in the tank goes through the oil mist eliminator due to the small pressure available on the system. The air goes naturally through the cartridges, where the coalescer process is operating. The oil is separated from the air and returns to the tank by gravity. The air is clean and goes out.

This type of oil mist separator does not need any power supply and can be installed anywhere you need to filter the oil mist. It can be used in industrial environment, in outdoor installations and can be compatible with explosive area (ATEX compliant).

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Many options ara available such as :

  • Pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel construction
  • ATEX : can be installed in explosive area
  • Other specifications on request


High efficiency

Oil Mist Eliminators allow filtration by catching oil particles gathering into droplets thanks to the highly efficient coalescing filter elements. The rejected air is clean at 99.99% to protect the atmosphere for the planet and also for the employees.
The oil concentration at the oil mist separator outlet is less than 0,009 mg/m3. The most important aspect for a demister is the efficiency of the coalescing elements.

Durability & Health of workers

Oil Mist Separators prevents the emission of oil mist into the ambient air and therefore oil droplets or particles of oil.
It preserves the surrounding machines and persons in the workshops from any contamination.
It guarantees the protection of the atmosphere and preserve the good health of the coworkers.

Plug and play & Cost savings

To facilitate the installation of our oil demister, our engineering department has developed a compact design that can be plugged into your installations. We can also do some custom adjustment to adapt to your needs.

The oil mist eliminator catches the oil present in the air and sends it back to the tank. This avoid some loss of oil in the lubricating system and it saves some costs of maintenance.

45 Years of experience

Oeltechnik France has more than 45 years of experience in the sectors where oil mist eliminators operate. We have a large experience in implementing the oil mist separator all around the world. We are able to adapt to any of your projects.

Oil Mist Separator for lube oil console gas turbines, cranckcase ,compressors and vacuum pumps

The oil mist in workshops represents an issue of the working environment. It can have a negative impact on the surrounding equipments but also on the health of the workers. You must respect the air quality regulation and provide a a clean environment in your plant.

The solution is to use an oil mist eliminator with a high efficiency.

Sectors of the industry we work with : 


oil mist eliminator indutries application

Equipment that needs an Oil Mist Separator or a Breather


  • Lube Oil Console
  • Rotating machine
  • Gas Turbine
  • Steam Turbine
  • Hydro Turbine
  • Gas and Diesel Engine
  • Compressor and vacuum pump
  • Large-scale compressor
  • Crankcase
  • Powerplant

What is an oil mist eliminator ?

Used in industrial environments, it is a filter system which catch the droplets of an oil mist and separate them from the air. Also called oil demister, or oil mist separator, it is mostly used in the oil system with a turbine or compressor where the bearing are lubricated with oil. At very high speed, the friction of oil in the bearings creates small oil droplets that are sucked by the fan of the Oil Mist Eliminator.
There are also other types of oil mist eliminator that act as breather or a cyclonic type which works under pressure.
Without oil mist eliminator you would have a lot of oil mist rejected in the air. Thanks to it, you can reject clean air in the atmosphere and get a green label for your industry.

What is the coalescence ?

Coalescence is the ability to collect very small droplets to form larger droplets that are therefore heavier. The air velocity is no longer sufficient to carry the droplets away. They overflow onto the medium under their own weight. The air is now clean. Coalescing elements consist of a variety of media of decreasing density. It is oleophobic and hydrophobic treated to reduce the surface energy of the media.

Which type of oil mist filter do I need ?

The purpose of the oil mist eliminator is to create a small depressurization in the oil tank to facilitate the lubrification and avoid leakage on the bearings of the engines. While the oil mist pass through the oil mist eliminator, it is filtered and cleaned from oil and other particles. The exhausted air is now clean.

If you have an oil tank with a vent, then you need an oil mist eliminator to filter the droplets and reject only clean air.

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Our qualifications

Oeltechik France is specialized for more than 45 years in the design and manufacturing of tubular exchangers, pressure vessels, and skids. We are qualified according to ISO 3834-2 for the welding procedures and we have many other specifications as ISO 9001, U-DESIGNATOR, PED 2014/68/UE. We can work with many materials (304L, 316L, 321, low temperature carbon steel ...) and we can adapt to your custom specifications.

We have a range or products that we can produce in France, at Munster 68140.

Lube oil console
Seal gas panels
Water skids, oil skids
Other types of skid
Tubular heat exchanger
Pressure vessels
Oil Mist eliminator
iso 9001 certification
CE compliance
ASME U-Designator
ATEX compliance explosive area

We do implement our Oil Mist Separators all around the world

Our customers are located anywhere in the planet, we can make our oil mist filters compatible with international requisitions and according to customer specifications and custom piping classes