Environmental care

Preserve our planet with clean air

Created in 1977, Oeltechnik-France is located in Munster 68140 - France with its own engineering department, welding ingeneer, quality department and also its own workshop.

Oeltechnik-France is certified ISO 9001.

We can manufacture many products for the petrochemical industry, oil and gas, offshore, chemistry, energy production (Thermal power plants, nuclear...) and cogeneration. Here is a list of the products that we fluently produce in our plant at Munster :

  • Lube oil consoles
  • Seal gas panels
  • Various skids : gas skid, oil skid, water skid ...
  • Heat exchangers
  • Filters
  • Oil mist eliminators
  • Pressure vessels

Each unit is made in accordance with customer's specifications, codes and land rules. 

Our certifications

Oeltechnik-France has the following certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • PED 2014/68/UE
  • ISO 3834-2

We got these certifications for many years and we also able to meet the needs of all codes and various requirements existing all around the world.


Branch of industry


We design, manufacture, do the inspection according to codes, rules and customer specifications

  • Materials stainless steel (304L, 316L, 321, …), low temperature carbon steel, duplex
  • Electric wiring according to european and international rules
  • Painting
  • Pressure range from 1 to 20 bar for lubrication and until 250 bar for regulation, seal oil, or hydrojacking
  • Design temperature according to site conditions and process requirements
  • Atex
  • NACE MR01/75
  • Fabrication according to Certification Mark U-Designator, PED 2014/68/UE, TRCU, …


Our capacity

  • 3000 m² workshop area
  • 800 m² office area
  • Welding : GTAW, GMAW, PAW, SAW, …

Do you need a quote ? Do you have any question ? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and leave us a message. We will do our best to answer you in a short delay.

Our qualifications

Oeltechik France is specialized for more than 45 years in the design and manufacturing of tubular exchangers, pressure vessels, and skids. We are qualified according to ISO 3834-2 for the welding procedures and we have many other specifications as ISO 9001, U-DESIGNATOR, PED 2014/68/UE. We can work with many materials (304L, 316L, 321, low temperature carbon steel ...) and we can adapt to your custom specifications.

We have a range or products that we can produce in France, at Munster 68140.

Lube oil console
Seal gas panels
Water skids, oil skids
Other types of skid
Tubular heat exchanger
Pressure vessels
Oil Mist eliminator
iso 9001 certification
CE compliance
ASME U-Designator
ATEX compliance explosive area

We do implement our Oil Mist Separators all around the world

Our customers are located anywhere in the planet, we can make our oil mist filters compatible with international requisitions and according to customer specifications and custom piping classes