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What is an Oil Mist Eliminator? 

The demister is equipment that acts as a filtration during machine operation that requires lubrication for their proper operation. Lubricating oil will lubricate the various bearings of this equipment (Turbine, Compressor, crankcase, rotating machine ). When the oil passes through these bearings, it will heat up and once returned to the oil tank will have an increase in temperature and create an oil mist.

This is why an oil mist will form in the tank and if it is not filtered, the oil will be released into the atmosphere as particles.

Working principle of Oil Mist Separator  

The oil separator is placed above the oil tank. In case a negative pressure is required to ensure proper operation of the lubrication system, it will be equipped with a side channel vacuum pump fan to ensure a vacuum in the tank. In case the pressure can be positive it will be without a fan and will act like a breather.

The body of the oil mist separator is composed of several filter elements : coalescing cartridges in our case. When the oil mist passes through the cartridges, the oil will form drops along the filtering elements that will become bigger and bigger, and due to the gravity they will fall along the surface and will go back to the oil tank by gravity via the return line present for this purpose.

Importance of a Vacuum in the oil tank

Depending on the equipment to which the oil separator will be coupled, some value of depression will be required. This value is transmitted by the supplier according to each piece of equipment, it is not respected, the lubrication system will not be optimal and this could cause a malfunction or breakage. That’s why our oil mist separators are adapted and built according to the depression needed to guarantee the safety of your equipment.

For which equipment do we need an Oil Mist Eliminator?

A demister  is necessary when we have a lubrication system on industrial rotating equipment,  the main ones are: 

Lube oil console, gas turbine, steam turbines, hydro turbines, vacuum pump, compressors, rotary equipment, crankcase, and gas and diesel engine. 

Why the presence of oil mist is a problem?

If your lubrication system is not equipped with an oil separator, the oil mist will be discharged either directly into your workshop or the atmosphere. This presents several problems:

The safety of your employees is altered, the presence of oil in the form of particles represents a danger that is not negligible because it can promote the onset of disease.

The state of the workshop is also in danger, as the various elements around it are likely to be affected by the oil present in the atmosphere which can disrupt their proper functioning and also their long-term sustainability. This is even more important in hazardous environments where the presence of oil in the atmosphere can provoke an explosion or fire.

The most important point is also the pollution of the atmosphere and therefore of the environment, which is dangerous and irresponsible but which can also lead to financial repercussions if the government requisitions of the various countries are not respected.

The efficiency of our filter cartridges ( Coalescent cartridges )

At Oeltechnik France, we understood the importance of the efficiency of these cartridges, which is why we chose the best cartridges possible to make the performance of our oil separator optimal : 

Our filtration media has a value of 99.99%. and a solids removal rate of 0.3 (μm)

Oil rejections have been measured according to EN 13284 relative to atmospheric pollution. Oil concentration at the oil demister outlet is less than 0,009 mg/m3. The efficiency in normal operating conditions is more than 99,99 %.

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Our qualifications

Oeltechik France is specialized for more than 45 years in the design and manufacturing of tubular exchangers, pressure vessels, and skids. We are qualified according to ISO 3834-2 for the welding procedures and we have many other specifications as ISO 9001, U-DESIGNATOR, PED 2014/68/UE. We can work with many materials (304L, 316L, 321, low temperature carbon steel ...) and we can adapt to your custom specifications.

We have a range or products that we can produce in France, at Munster 68140.

Lube oil console
Seal gas panels
Water skids, oil skids
Other types of skid
Tubular heat exchanger
Pressure vessels
Oil Mist eliminator
iso 9001 certification
CE compliance
ASME U-Designator
ATEX compliance explosive area

We do implement our Oil Mist Separators all around the world

Our customers are located anywhere in the planet, we can make our oil mist filters compatible with international requisitions and according to customer specifications and custom piping classes