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oil mist elminator with blower and flow circulation

What is an Oil Mist Eliminator?

The oil mist eliminator works as a filter during the operation of lube oil systems to lubricate different rotary machines, centrifugal pumps and turbines. The rotary equipment needs an oil system to ensure the lubrication of the various bearings on the shaft. Demister has to be coupled to this system to avoid any leaks. The oil demister is installed in this system to avoid any leakage on the bearings by creating a depressurization.

During the operation, the friction of the bearings can cause a high temperature elevation. This will heat the oil that returns to the take and then create some oil particle in the air. You got an oil mist in the tank.

Without an oil mist eliminator, you would suck the oil mist and reject it to the atmosphere.

Thanks to the oil mist separator yu can create the depressurization in the oil system and reject the clearn air in the atmosphere.

The oil is separated from the air by coaslescence, and the it goes back to the tank by gravity. The exhausted air is exempted of oil and can be rejected in the atmosphere in accordance to the current regulations.

You take care of the planet and also of health of the employees.

How does an Oil Mist Eliminator work?

A mist charged with particles of oil is present in the upper part of the tank. It will be sucked and will pass through our coalescing filter to process the separation of the oil from the air.

We use a side channel blower (or a centrifugal fan on demand) that will create a depressure in the oil tank. The depressure is needed in the lubrication systems to avoid any leakage on the bearing of the compressor or vaccum pump. The depression value can be adjusted using a manual valve during the whole lifetime cycle to ensure that the oil system is working correctly. Once the depression value can no more be obtained, it means that you need to change the coalescing elements.

Each oil mist separator is designed according to the customer needs : pressure and flow rate. With our expertise and experience, we will lead you to the needed oil mist eliminator.

Oil Mist Separators are made of filtering elements and coalescent cartridges. The coalescence is the capacity to gather very little droplets to coalesce a  bigger droplet, thus heavier. The air flow is no more high enough to take the droplets away. They run out on the medium under their own weight. The coalescing cartridges are made of several media with decreasing density. It’s finished with an oleophobic and hydrophobic treatment which lowers the surface energy of the media.

The oil is separated from the air and it returns to the tank by gravity. The clean air is blowed out by the fan and can be piped outside of the building.

Environmental impact

The current regulations are strict and you need to be compliant with it. The oil demister is designed to help you in this manner to filter the oil in the air and deliver only some clean air in the atmosphere. You will be able to respect the environmental rules and take care about the health of your employees working around the lubricatins system.


High efficiency coalescing filters

The efficiency of an Oil Mist Separator depends of the filter elements. At Oeltechnik France we are relying on high quality cartridges since 2002. We offer the best solution on the market for our clients with a high efficiency. The efficiency of our filtration media has a value of 99.99%. and a solids removal rate of 0.3 (μm) and the residual rejection is about 0.009 mg/m3.

Different applications

We need a Oil Mist Eliminator where a lube oil system is in place which is the case when using rotary machines. Oil Mist Separators are needed for the following types of equipment :

  • Lubrication oil tanks of turbines
  • Gas and steam turbines
  • Turbo-compressors and turbo-engines
  • Gas and diesel engines
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Rotating machines
  • Large-scale compressors
  • Crankdrives
  • Generators
  • Other equipment with oil system


Standard Oil Mist Separator is available with many options that can be integrated according to your needs. 

Oeltechnik France design and manufactures a wide range of Demisters. We have 6 different standard sizes depending on the flow rate required and we can adapt to special execution in term of design or regulation compliance.
Strong of its 45 years of experience, we adapt Oil Mist Separators size to your projects and we respect your specifications and standards that apply to your project.

List of available options for demister :

blower drain option

Blower drain

The side channel blower can be equipped with a drain valve in its lower part. This can be used to purge any condensate which would be present in the blower. It is recommended to shut down the side channel blower before opening the valve.

knitmesh prefilter

Pre-filter knit mesh

The Oil Mist Separator can be equipped with a pre-filter made of a stainless steel mesh. This is used to stop large particles before entering the coalescing cartridges. This mesh can be replaced by removing the screws and opening the cover.
It is recommended to replace the mesh every 3 years.

by pass line with check valve

Bypass line with check valve

The demister can be equipped with a bypass line that will protect the equipment against positive pressure which can occur during operation of maintenance when the oil mist eliminator is shut down. A check valve is installed in the bypass line to open when the pressure in the suction lines reaches the limit. When the check valve is opened, it bypasses the OME and avoids any positive pressure to increase in the equipment. In this case of a specific safety operation, the mist is not treated by the oil separator.

recirculator line

Recirculating line

It can be equipped with a bypass line on the blower. This makes the flow recirculate between the inlet and outlet of the side channel blower in a closed system. The recirculating line can be installed to be compatible with explosive environments (ATEX compliance).
A hand valve is installed in the recirculating line to adjust the pressure in the system. It shall be used to get the desired suction pressure in the equipment.

maintenance valve

Maintenance valve

The Oil Mist Separator can be equipped with a maintenance valve. The butterfly type valve is used to close the inlet nozzle during a maintenance operation. This valve can be used to stop the flow to go through the oil mist separator when replacing the cartridges.
This maintenance valve shall not be closed when the blower is operating to avoid high depressure in the demister.

double redundant blower

Twin blower

The oil mist separator can be equipped with two side channel blowers to have a High Availability when a shutdown is not recommended. The blowers are connected to the OMS in the same way and some shut-off valves shall be used to select which one is working and isolate the second one. Only one side channel blower must work at once during operation. The other blower must be switched off and isolated by the shut-off valves.
In case of failure, the second blower shall be started and the according valves opened. The failed blower shall be isolated by closing the valves on its side.

Do you want more options ?


  • Standard flow rate range from 85 to 640 Nm3/h, others on demand
  • Twin blower version
  • Differential pressure transmitter
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel construction
  • 50/60 Hz motor frequency
  • ATEX : can be installed in explosive area
  • NEMA motor or custom motor according to specifications
  • Other specifications on request

Don't hesitate to contact us and aks about your needs. We can adapt to a wide range of requests.


Did you know ?


The same device has 3 different appellations:

  • Oil Mist Eliminator (OME)
  • Oil Mist Separator (OMS)
  • Oil demister

Do you need a quote ? Do you have any question ? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and leave us a message. We will do our best to answer you in a short delay.

Our qualifications

Oeltechik France is specialized for more than 45 years in the design and manufacturing of tubular exchangers, pressure vessels, and skids. We are qualified according to ISO 3834-2 for the welding procedures and we have many other specifications as ISO 9001, U-DESIGNATOR, PED 2014/68/UE. We can work with many materials (304L, 316L, 321, low temperature carbon steel ...) and we can adapt to your custom specifications.

We have a range or products that we can produce in France, at Munster 68140.

Lube oil console
Seal gas panels
Water skids, oil skids
Other types of skid
Tubular heat exchanger
Pressure vessels
Oil Mist eliminator
iso 9001 certification
CE compliance
ASME U-Designator
ATEX compliance explosive area

We do implement our Oil Mist Separators all around the world

Our customers are located anywhere in the planet, we can make our oil mist filters compatible with international requisitions and according to customer specifications and custom piping classes